That’s a question I often pose as a non-native speaker

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I wasn’t born speaking English, not even as a second language. Although I had enough education to manage myself, and frequent exposure to English culture on television (mainly American), I would be far from asking such questions if I didn’t cultivate a particular interest in the language. The attraction went from a simple need to understand and natural curiosity, passing through the atrium of the American dream, until it joined with writing. So now I wonder, just like you might have (at least once), whether or not to write in English.

Start with “why?”

Some argue I should be the vanguard of my…

That you can apply right now

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As a writer and a reader, bearing different hobbies and a full-time job, I know it can be hard to find time to read an article about writing tips, especially when there are plenty of them out here. Also, you sometimes just lack the patience to sit still and read something throughout the end. So, this time, I decided to keep it short and give you five concise behavioral tips that you should consider as a writer.

1. Avoid judging others

You’re not a judge. And even if you are, you have the time and place to practice. So it’s not up to you…

Sorry for censoring f*ck in the title and subtitle — I still give a f*ck about getting published.

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Recently, I read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson for the second time. Because I found it so effective in a controversial way, I had to reread it and tell you something about it.

Fuck. Now it’s okay to write uncensored.

Since I do give a fuck about the message I’m about to convey, I will start by telling you my reasons. When people imagine “not giving a fuck”, they usually misunderstand its meaning.

You probably think it means living indifferent to everything and not giving a shit at all. But this would…

To stop caring about earnings

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All my life, I’ve been an overthinker. Overthinkers, as the word suggests, think more than it’s expected. Well, I’m not sure whether I think more than the average, or I just hold on longer to my thoughts. Also, I’m not here to debate the pros and cons that overthinking might have on writing or anywhere else. I did it once here. Now, a problem that most, if not every, overthinker certainly struggles with is often finding those thoughts overbearing.

Today, I was overthinking again, as usual, and struggling (as usual too). But it all revolved around one question. Should I…

Internal Monologue Series

A series of short, reflective thoughts

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What are my limits? It feels like the harder I try to find them, the worse I get to know them. My personal space keeps getting stepped on by the needs/whims of others, and even my own often venture savagely to cross that line. My sanity is yet another limit — thinner, more fragile. Sometimes I wonder how much more it can take before it prefixes “in” to the word.

But who can tell my limits if not me? Who can draw the contours that seem so hard to reproduce? Maybe I should start sitting on those ideas more often…

What I learned from writing my first novel

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I finished my first novel, and a few days later, after gulping that notion of final, I felt like I had to write something about it. I was about to go to bed when that happened, and although I wasn’t sure what it was that I had to write about, words emerged almost immediately as my thoughts spoke in one blow. I glanced at the result, self-satisfied for giving vent to my thoughts.

More than one year has gone by now, and I decided to take this back from my dusting Medium drafts after realizing it guarded some important insights…

By hand Series

A series about manual exploitation

These penetration testing write-up series are about owning HackTheBox machines through manual methods like you would have to do for an OSCP examination. I will try to avoid Metasploit the best I can, even if only to set up a Meterpreter listener.

These are not simple write-ups like those you can find anywhere on the Internet. I will share thoughts, ideas, emotions, failures — all intrinsic components of success — for you to feel part of a journey. It should be as fun to read for you as it was for me to hack these boxes. And I want you…

Internal Monologue Series

A series of short, reflective thoughts

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Quite some time has passed without me being this alone with a pen and thoughts. I feel like I’m about to confide, although I don’t know what. And I’m not sure if it’s to myself or to this paper. I see that both stay at the same distance from my pen now. Well, in a way. Yet, that must mean they’re not very different — at least they don’t stand far from each other.

Perhaps this paper and my thoughts are the same, or they are simply allies in these matters of pensiveness. Maybe a friend-of-a-friend kind of relationship. …

Unless you do something about it

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Afew months ago, we were going through, let’s call it, a wave of restrictions in Portugal. Note that I didn’t say lockdown because we were not locked in our houses at that time, and I believe all sorts of establishments were open, just as frontiers were not closed, etc. But general health-wise restrictions were being applied as the bare-reasonable minimum by force of the circumstances.

Anyway, I was looking for a gaming chair to set up my home office, already thinking about the wearing, increased hours I would have to spend sitting down in remote working. Plus writing and whatnot…

On a regular basis at least

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I just finished writing a short story and, I realized for the first time: I will never write for an active audience. That could mean many things, but for me, it basically revolves around two simple, identifiable reasons. I can’t, and I don’t want to be writing for an active audience. And by — active — I mean the online audience from all around the world that can actively read, comment, and share my work almost in real-time.

What do you mean by “can’t”? And “don’t want to”??? Then why should I be reading this in the first place?


Mark Tey

Aspiring Novelist | Martial Artist and Ethical Hacker¹ | Writing with passion² —

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